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Leon Hatcher
( A series of short sound pieces composed for The Festival of Imagination residency at Selfridges, London )
Field recordings, VHS, vinyl, MP3, cassette tape, radio, found footage, film, documentary, archive material

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Leon Hatcher
Billie M Vigne - Blood, Fish & Bone
( Immersive soundscape excerpt for BMV )
Margate High Street, Main Sands, Dreamland, Flamingo Amusements, Palm Bay, Arthur Road
Leon Hatcher
The Butcher's Apron Radio Show
2012 - 2016

The Butcher's Apron is a theme-time radio show that invited and explored the unexpected.
Each month combed the stretch of this peculiar land to bring you fascinating features, interviews and music from Britain's soft underside.
Investigating artistic, cultural and scientific eccentricities through your stories.
... featuring ...

Jeremy Deller, Bob & Roberta Smith, Rolf Sachs, Iain Sinclair, Jon Ronson, Mike Jay, Mark Pilkington, Viv Albertine, Carol Ann Duffy, David Shrigley.
Jeanette Winterson, Amanda Fielding, Nancy Fouts, Miranda Sawyer, Suzanne Lee, Will Self, Dominic Wilcox, Gary Mansfield, Kit Williams, Alan Moore.
The School of Life, The Lost Lectures, The Cloud Appreciation Society, The Artist Taxi Driver, Punchdrunk, Minimaforms, Dezeen.
Cathy Haynes, Agi Haines, Susan Quilliam, Dan Hurley, David Farrant, Bishop Séan Manchester, Bishop Jonathan Blake.
Prof. A. C. Grayling, Prof. David Nutt, Prof. Geraint Rees, Prof. Vincent Walsh, Dr. David Bramwell.
Dr. David V. Barrett, Dr. Rachel Maines, Dr. Nick Southgate, Dr. Lucie Green and resident philosopher Dr. Daniel Barnes.

.... plus many, many more …